“Clash of Ideologies”

SS 2019 collection “Clash of Ideologies” is designed to impressively represent an important issue of all times: In attempts to understand our complex world, we keep creating ideologies that shape our mindset and mentality, set limits and resist accepting other way of thinking by exaggerating the contrasts between people with different lifestyles. They become so merged with us, that any change, any difference from our ordinary behavior seems shocking. The paradox is that no matter how influential an ideology is, it is bound to break clashing with the volatile nature of our reality. In this collection we point out diverse theories and philosophies, built by our society, that are so contradictory that seem impossible to be joined together. We demonstrate how things called non-compatible get matched with each other and grow into something unusual and greater blowing up all the stereotype images of the past. It is time to take all the old-fashion perceptions of ideologies and clash them, together with Z.G.EST.