Z.G.EST, founded in 2016, is a brand that aims to provide timeless and sustainable fashion that combines style and functionality. Our designs are created using biodegradable and surplus stock materials. We believe in the harmony of sustainability and style, crafting garments that exude sophistication and uniqueness. Our collection caters to creative and vibrant women who embrace life with a free spirit. It features oversized and comfortable pieces that flatter all body types, instilling confidence in their busy daily routine.

Sustainability is at the core of Z.G.EST, guided by three key principles: thoughtful design, sustainable sourcing, and ethical production. We adhere to the Zero Waste principle during the design and cutting process, ensuring minimal fabric waste. Our fabrics are exclusively biodegradable, with 80% of our garments made from deadstock materials, effectively reducing waste and lessening our environmental impact.

ZGEST takes pride in leading sustainable fashion practices in Armenia, exemplified by our upcycling initiative. Our skilled artisans repurpose ready-made men's suits, shirts and denim, transforming them into special and distinctive unisex pieces that are both stylish and eco-friendly.

As a brand, Z.G.EST is committed to making a positive impact on the world through sustainable fashion. 

Join us in our journey as we Dare to Care!

Our hearty pieces are available in our online or via our stockists in Europe, USA and Russia as well as on ethical fashion platforms www.wolfandbagder.com, www.clothia.com, www.lonedesignclub.com, www.coveti.com, and www.curatedcrowd.com

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Thoughtfully Designed

Modularity and adjustability

Our models are based on the concept of modularity. The same item is designed to be worn in different ways just adjusting the buttons and straps. This is also born from the DNA of the brand to make life easier, so for example the. Same shirt can look smart in the office but can also turn into a comfy casual look or a party dress with just adjusting few elements.

Timeless design

We look into rethinking the basics such as a white shirt or a black dress and adding to this a high quality of stitching and selection of quality fabrics makes our fashion pieces timeless, as they never go out of fashion. The other point is that the details that help to adjust the garments, make them timeless also in terms that there will be no need to buy a new item if one loses or gains weight.

Sustainably Sourced

We use exclusively biodegradable fabrics such as cotton, linen and other natural fibers. Secondly, we source deadstock fabrics from big factories and this helps to meet our goal of being a responsible brand and avoiding pushing any production of fabric that is hazardous for the planet, on contrary we thrive to utilize the waste, that has been already produced but not utilized for some reason. A we grow further we plan to use organic and recycled fabrics.

Ethically Made

We make our garment in Armenia using the craftsmanship that Armenia has been always strong in. We know every woman who makes clothes for us by name, we constantly work on the development of their skills and we care about assuring best working conditions for them. We try to engage women who have family constrains and therefore are limited in their job opportunities. We have therefore created a production cycle where these women can work partially from home, where we create working conditions for them and provide them with all necessary tools and machinery.

Team Lead
Alla doesn’t like to follow standards. She is positive, independent, full of innovative ideas. The decision of setting up Z.G.EST came to her when she was working in a bank. Seeing the purely business goals of the clients she was convinced that this doesn't take us to a better World. Combining her creative nature, love of fashion and het skills she has decided to create a business that will create not only beauty in this World but also a value for future generations. In her job she particularly values the process of idea generation and following how it emerges into the collection, how people create each garment with love and with dedication to the brand philosophy. “It is fascinating how a fresh idea usually with a deep philosophical subtext finds it’s reflection in clothing and brings up a special mood and a unique shine in the eyes” Alla says. Alla is result-oriented and devotes hours to the work that she is interested in. She adores travelling and exploring foreign cultures, meeting people, observing their lifestyle and bringing in this special vibe to the new collection of Zgest.

Creative Team
Lily is Visionary and Artistic. She doesn’t like to go with the flow. She has her own way of doing things and strives to excel in her profession by sharing her unique vision of human nature and different types of personalities reflecting those in her creations. She adores drawing since she was a child and often draws portraits trying to see the person who will wear the outfit far in advance, thus she creates a character not just a dress. Lily is vegan, she. cares about animals and the Planet. She also enjoys super difficult tasks, as she can push herself out of her comfort zone, do something unusual and come up with new interesting ideas. She loves music, plays guitar and always listens to music when she is working. She is determined, hard-working and always puts a unique mood in each work she does.
Kara is a Realist and Dreamer at the same time. She is independent and flexible. Her analytical mind-set brings her an exceptional talent to turn theories into actions and turn sketches into bespoke pieces. She started creating clothes since her childhood making her dolls the prettiest and the most stylish ones. Since then she is a big fan of giving clothes the second life. Almost half of her wardrobe is up-cycled from old clothes. Her job is an inseparable part of her identity. Her love for fashion can be compared with the love for a family member - unconditional and inexplicable. She loved the idea of zero-waste pattern-making from the first day and tries to excel in this. She loves white color which gives her big possibilities to create her art. She finds fresh ideas in architecture and monuments, adores travelling and discovering new places. Her character is defined by the power of will and her can-do attitude.

Marketing and PR
Anna is an Optimist. She is kind and emotional with a romantic nature blended with high sense of responsibility. She has a special aesthetic appreciation for beauty and is very interested in how and why things work. She can find new ideas everywhere, like in surrounding her people, nature or music. She believes that everything, whether it is a person, a piece of art or a company must have a story behind it, deliver an important message and create a certain emotional aura. She loves electronic music and dreams of attending all legendary music festivals. She has a big affection for foreign languages as she thinks that it's the language that represents very well the country and it’s people.